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Past Group Activities

Besides the activities organised by the particular groups, the wider Friendship Group organises events and activities for the overall community. These activities, many of which are yearly appointments, serve to bring the three groups together, enhance a sense of openness and communication, and promote the group's identity. They could be of both a social nature, like summer BBQs, and a spiritual nature, like weekend retreats.


Yearly appointments include a Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, followed by early morning breakfast, the New Year's Eve Party, Lenten talks, the Friendship Group Day, a Marian pilgrimage walk, a fund-raising BBQ, and the October General Meeting. It would be ideal if all members understood the meaning of such activities, and their importance in the life of the group.



Photo Gallery of Past Events


NYE 2011 was celebrated at The Coastline Hotel, St. Paul's Bay. As is customary the event was attended by members from the three communities which make up the Friendship Group. The setting of the Coastline provided a relaxed and picturesque backdrop for an enjoyable evening.

The event kicked off with a buffet dinner in one of the hotel's upper rooms. Food was delicious and abundant, so that all present had the opportunity of entering 2012 with a brimming stomach! What was lacking was some background music to enliven the atmosphere. To create some noise we had to resort to blowing our blowout whistles and bursting party poppers!

The evening's vibes became somewhat more lively after dinner. For those who were up for a dance, in a cocktail bar next to the dinner hall, there was a disco party with a deejay sounding a varied number of dance tunes. As midnight started to loom nearer, a Peruvian band set itself up on the balcony overlooking the foyer, and cheered up the atmosphere till the countdown which welcomed 2012. Free-flowing champagne contributed to raising up spirits! All in all it was a pleasant way to inaugurate 2012.

A day-retreat, at Mount St Joseph Retreat House in Mosta, was organised for Sunday, 15th November 2009. It was conducted by Fr Ray Pace SJ with the chosen theme being: "He was recognized by them in the breaking of the bread" (Luke 24:35). In an illuminating talk, Fr Ray merged the Emmaus episode with an outlook on the sacrifice of the Mass. He explained various aspects of the Eucharistic Liturgy, such as the symbolism behind the breaking of the bread, and the mixing of wine and water. After a coffee break, Fr Ray resumed his talk, and later on we held Mass together, celebrated by Fr Ray, with Fr Orr concelebrating.

Mass was followed by lunch and some restful moments. We then regathered for an evaluation and the sharing of some reflections. The event concluded with the imparting of a Sacramental Benediction in the chapel. It was a meaningful experience for all present. The retreat was open to members from the three groups and in all 32 members attended.

On Sunday, 4th October 2009, we held our annual General Meeting at the St. Aloysius Gym Complex, in B'Kara. Though a good number of members attended the meeting, we would have appreciated the presence of other members, given the nature of the occasion. The meeting serves as a yearly platform for members to assess the going of the group, air their feelings, views, and suggestions, and together project the way ahead. The contribution of every member is valuable and important.  

The day started with a Mass, celebrated by Fr Lino, with Fr Orr concelebrating. This was followed by a welcome address, and the reading of the minutes of the last General Meeting, and of the financial report for the past year. Though the latter may not be very exciting, monetary matters are indispensable for the running of the group...!

After a coffee break, activity reports of the individual groups were read. Fr Lino then shared a few thoughts on community dynamics. These reflections led to a discussion of activities for the forthcoming year, and the planning of the yearly calendar. All the members participated in the discussion and made their suggestions. Fr Orr brought the meeting to a close with a revaluation of the group's principles and vision. The meeting ended at around 1.00 pm. We are certain, that with God's help, the meeting shall benefit the group's well-being.    

On 26th April 2009 we celebrabrated Group Day,  combining this with a visit to Festa Frawli at Mġarr.  The event was well-attended. 

The day kicked off with a Mass at the Porziuncola Chapel of the Franciscan Sisters. We then headed to the village square in front of the parish church, where strawberries were incorporated into all things imaginable. We passed by a number of informative stands, observed several creative flower-fruit arrangements, and noted (as well as tasted!) some very original recipes. All were free to roam and wander as they pleased, and after touring the village square, the CSC members headed for a rural walk in the outskirts of Mġarr.

At the established time, after the appetising spectacle, everbody met at Il-Barri Restuarant for a first-class lunch together. The event turned out to be a lovely occasion and we enjoyed the time we spent together.  


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